Hello, my name is Rupert Forrest, and I’m an experienced interim manager and consultant. My job is to solve your problems and help you to take your business from where it is not to where you want it to be.

Benefit from Impartial Advice and Adapt to Changing Circumstances More Quickly


The current environment is driving change and creating opportunities. Events may put you in a position where you have to implement a new project or solve a short-term issue to move forward. But how do you tackle this if your team doesn’t have the necessary skill set?


Hiring a new manager is a time-consuming process. There are:

  • Stacks of CVs
  • Interviews
  • Meetings

And the expense of:

  • Hiring an HR consultant
  • Posting ads on job sites
  • Employer’s national insurance obligations
  • Full-time pay for a new member of staff

Respond to Events Sooner

Getting held up by a lengthy recruitment process can stop you from taking action quickly.

With an interim manager or consultant, you can quickly and simply bring in the talent you need to analyse and clarify your problem. They can then design and implement a programme that will solve your problems and resolve the situation.

There are no obligations financially or otherwise beyond the agreed contract.

In-Place Quickly

Cut the time and expense of recruiting and hiring a full-time manager and get the right person to resolve your problem straight away


An interim manager can recommend solutions to problems and has the practical knowledge and leadership skills to make sure changes happen


An interim manager has no vested interest other than to ensure the success of your project and your company. Their reputation depends on it

How Can We Help?


“He is a highly capable manager and leader whom I have no hesitation in recommending strongly to any potential employer or client.”

Neil Couch

Consultant at Cartera Limited

“If you need initiative, drive, superb management for complex processes within large organisations, or a thoughtful, selfless professional who is capable of working autonomously and with minimal input or supervision but still wholly dedicated to maximising your company’s efficiency, Rupert is THE professional that can and will deliver your product.”

Robert W. Hand

Independent Consultant at

Hand Independent Research, USA

“Completely reliable, he is great fun and a tremendous companion. I have absolutely no difficulty in recommending him in the strongest possible terms.”

Mike Riddell-Webster

Lintrose Consulting


A shift in the market, a need to adapt to a new piece of legislation or a colleague suddenly falling ill can all create periods of upheaval for you and your organisation. Adapting to change is a challenge that many businesses and charities face and is essential for survival.


Hello, my name is Rupert Forrest. My job is to work closely with boards, CEOs and senior executives to help them resolve issues by establishing clear and achievable solutions that will help their businesses flourish. This may involve the creation of long-term business plans and enabling….

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